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Why USI?

Published June 1, 2024

The Indianapolis Schools That Help EVERY Child Succeed

Your child’s education is the launchpad for the rest of their life, and choosing the best school for them is pretty important. There are so many factors to consider, though, that this decision can be quite daunting. At United Schools of Indianapolis—a network of K-8 public charter schools—we pride ourselves on providing high-quality college-preparatory education to some of the most underserved communities in the city. So, why should you choose USI schools for your family? We’ll tell you!

A Culture of Care

At USI, your kids get much more than an education—they also get a culture of positivity and an environment where all students feel safe enough to thrive academically and socially. Because we believe every child is at their best when they have the confidence to dream big. We definitely set high standards, and we push your kids to be their best. But we do it in a warm and encouraging way that makes them feel supported. We create a nurturing environment where every one of our students knows the sky’s the limit.

Academic Rigor

At USI, we believe the path to college begins at an early age. So, we’ve created rigorous college-preparatory curricula for all grades, K-8, that lead them toward that path. We prepare them for a college workload, we give them the skills to make it manageable, and we get kids excited by the idea of college through periodic campus visits. We talk about college like it’s inevitable—because with an education from our schools, it can be.


The best education is a well-rounded education, and we believe it’s important for your kids to grow outside of the classroom as well as in. At USI we offer a range of after-school clubs, sports, and activities so kids can explore different interests and feel like they’re a part of something special. And at the end of the day, extracurriculars can just be a lot of fun! 

Small Class Sizes

We like to keep our class sizes small, so we can give your kids more individualized attention. This gives your child’s teachers a better sense for when they’re connecting, and it helps them identify each student’s individual needs—including who might have advanced beyond the material and who might need a little more support. For these reasons, USI makes our student-to-teacher ratios a big priority.

Parent Engagement

Studies have shown that kids do much better in the classroom when their parents get involved. They tend to get higher grades, do better on tests, and are more likely to go to college. It can even help improve their confidence and social skills. With that in mind, we invite parents to get involved in multiple ways, including participating in events, volunteer opportunities, and parent-teacher conferences, as well as through Parent University—a series of workshops that empower families and equip them with the resources to support learning at home.

Well-Equipped Classrooms

All too often, kids will fall behind in their education because they don’t have the tools they need. At USI schools we make sure this doesn’t happen—all of our classrooms are well-equipped with the latest technology so that lack of access is never an issue. This puts a wealth of information at their fingertips and removes some of the friction to learning. You never want your kids to be working at a disadvantage—and at USI, they won’t be. 

Student Support Services

In our schools we want to make sure ALL of our students are well supported. From counseling services to learning support programs to resources for families facing homelessness, our staff is trained in a variety of challenges your child might be facing. We’re always here and ready to step in with compassionate guidance and support.

Much More Than Academics

Academics are important, but so is your child’s mindset. At USI, we coach a mentality that will carry your kids through the rest of their lives. We help them fall in love with learning. We show them how to find the answers for themselves. And we teach them how to dream. We’re proud to help mold great students, great people, and great members of this community. Enroll your child in a USI school today—we’d love to have you as part of our family!

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