So, What’s a Charter School Anyway?

If you’re a parent, and you’re looking into schools for your kids, you’ve probably already looked into public and private schools. But there’s actually a third option that’s somewhere in between. We’re talking, of course, about charter schools. This article gives you a brief overview of charter schools and explains why they’re such a great […]

Why USI?

The Indianapolis Schools That Help EVERY Child Succeed Your child’s education is the launchpad for the rest of their life, and choosing the best school for them is pretty important. There are so many factors to consider, though, that this decision can be quite daunting. At United Schools of Indianapolis—a network of K-8 public charter […]

Not Just a Job, But a Home

How USI Helps Teachers Thrive Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is. Because a teacher is never just a teacher—you’re an expert, a role model, a guide. A pillar of the community. Wearing so many hats means you need a whole lot of support along the way. We’re proud to offer that support […]

How to Help Your Kids Nail Their Homework

It’s probably safe to say homework was not your favorite thing growing up. So, it’s probably not your favorite thing right now. But helping your kids with homework can end up having a huge and positive impact on them. Students with involved parents tend to have better attendance, better performance, and better behavior—all of which […]

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Conference

As much as we love our children, let’s face it…they’re not the most reliable source when it comes to knowing how well they’re doing in school. How many times have you asked your child how school is going just to be met with a “fine” or a shrug of the shoulders? Parent-teacher conferences are important […]

Bad Weather? 7 Tips to Entertain Your Kids Indoors

It’s the dead of winter, and some days it seems the sun will never come out again. Especially if you have rambunctious kids getting restless at home. What can you do to keep them occupied when it’s too cold, gray, drizzly, or snowy to let them run around outside? Here are a few ideas that […]

Celebrating the New Year Across the Globe

The New Year is a time to reset, reflect…and celebrate! When you think of New Year’s celebrations here in the U.S., you might think of the ball drop in New York City, blowing noisemakers, toasting with champagne or sparkling juice, and maybe even sharing a little smooch with your loved ones. But have you ever […]

‘Tis the Season…to Give Back with Your Family

We all have so much to be thankful for, and the holidays are a great opportunity to give thanks, count our blessings, and feel a deep sense of gratitude. But even more important than feeling gratitude is showing it. And you can do that by giving back—to a specific person, an organization, or the community. […]