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  • November 24th, 2017
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    A Day @ Vision

    7:40am – Arrival and Breakfast

    Charles, a Kindergartener, is greeted by teachers and staff members as he walks into the building and heads to class in order to get his breakfast. While listening to music or watching kids news he quietly gets his breakfast and begins his morning brainwork.

    8:00am – Morning Calendar Meeting

    Once Charles returns to his classroom, Stanford University, he greets his teacher, quickly puts his things away and finds his spot on the carpet. He joins his classmates in the Morning Calendar Meeting where scholars greet each other, discuss the focus of the day and any important topics that have come up in their classroom community. Charles ends his Morning Calendar Meeting listening to a read aloud that gets him smiling, wondering, and predicting what will happen next.

    9:00am – Reading Block

    During phonics small group time, Charles works individually and in pairs to reinforce phonics skills that were previously taught using reading, writing, or other activities that let him use his hands to learn. He and his group of 5-8 friends rotate to both Mrs. Cannon’s and Mr. West’s table, each of his two classroom teachers, for more individualized and focused phonics instruction.

    Once phonics time has ended, Charles and his friends gather on the carpet for the minilesson where they learn about the setting of a story from another read aloud. He heads back to his seat to create a drawing of the setting he visualized and write a paragraph to describe it.

    After a quick restroom and snack break, Charles rotates through three stations focusing on phonics, partner reading, or writing, as well as seeing both classroom teachers to focus on the minilesson and build better reading habits.

    10:35- Vision Block

    Charles gathers with the class back at the carpet during the Vision Block to answer the Think Now question. He listens and watches his teacher read Wilma Unlimited and identifies with his classmates the steps she took to become a gold medalist. He and his friends celebrate after he shares one of his thoughts on how her steps helped her achieve her goals. He then returns to his seat to draw and write out the steps it takes to reach a goal he has set earlier in the Morning Calendar Meeting.

    11:05 – Lunch

    Charles enjoys his lunch chatting with his friends.

    11:30 – Math

    He follows his class’s line silently through the hall and enters Stanford University for math. Charles dives into the math lesson for the day which is extending shape and color patterns. He has opportunities to build, match, and label patterns in independently, in small groups and with both classroom teachers during small group math time.

    12:45 – Writing

    At 12:45pm, Charles quickly pulls out his writing folder and watches his teacher model using exclamation points and question marks in her own story about her how she and her husband caught a mouse in their kitchen. Once he and his friends finish laughing at Mrs. Cannon’s story they begin their writing. Mr. West calls him to a small group table, where he explains what exclamation points are used for and practices using them with Charles.

    1:45 – Recess

    Charles is a very social scholar. He gets his energy from talking and working with his friends. At recess he is constantly deciding whether to play football with his buddies, go bounding across the playground equipment, or make up a game with a friend from the other kindergarten class.

    2:05 – Social Studies & Science

    Back at the carpet, Charles is introduced to kings and queens. He listens to a fairy tale about land far away and long ago and discusses what he has learned with his partner. He then practices his fine motor skills by constructing a picture of an aspect of fairy tales that is not-real or “make-believe.”

    2:40 – Special Area Class 

    In PE class, Charles practices physical awareness and body control during PE. His teacher models the movements Charles needs to make to stay in the game, as well as what he must do to re-enter if he gets out.

    3:30 – Dismissal

    Just before 3:30pm, Charles listens to his teachers’ last word for the day and the scholars share their classroom salutation. Most days, Charles’s grandfather would pick him up from the classroom at the end of the day. All parents, guardians, or after care providers pick up their children from school each day.

    3:45 – After School

    Once the day has ended, Charles heads to his Monday Club course where he learns the beginning phases of acting and drama. Charles leaves for home with his mom at 4:45pm, excitedly telling her all about his day.

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