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  • November 24th, 2017
  • Our Culture

    At Vision Academy, we believe that every child deserves to learn in a safe, positive environment. Scholars cannot learn, and teachers cannot teach in chaos. Therefore, in our structured environment, adults are consistently positive, yet firm so that scholars are learning in a happy and focused school setting. This positive and firm approach nurtures a culture within our school and within each classroom where scholars have the confidence to take academic risks and learn from their mistakes. Utilizing the Culture Rubric developed by our sister school, we plan to build and maintain this culture that reinforces positive behaviors and focuses on academics.

    In order to establish and maintain a strong school culture, we must also have shared partnership with families. We will encourage family involvement through strong communication and will offer multiple opportunities for families to be engaged in their child’s education.  All of these factors represent our collective efforts to build the overall environment conducive to preparing our scholars to attain their vision for their future.


    We assume the best when working with our scholars. Our staff ensures that children get to learn in an environment where the adults in the building believe each scholar can achieve. We praise kids for their effort as much as their achievement, and we approach our work with an outlook of “how can we support this scholar?” rather than “what’s wrong with this scholar?”


    Kids can trust what they know will happen. Our school culture is consistent and predictable so that scholars know what to expect from adults and their peers in the classroom, hallway, and cafeteria. This allows scholars to trust their surroundings and spend their mental focus on challenging their own thoughts and ideas.


    Our school is a place that recognizes individual children and their own passions. We set high expectations for every scholar but recognize their individual personalities. We want our building to be a happy place where scholars feel supported and pushed, and we want our adults to feel the same way. We promote smiles and laughter alongside hard work.

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